IP Intelligence API

Get API Access to our active IP blocklist using to secure your apps & websites

Software companies spend billions of dollars creating apps, but fail to properly protect their data and resources from malicious activity. Just imagine if they knew they could mitigate this problem prior to launch for a fraction of the cost? The IP Intelligence API allows 3rd party apps to connect and access an active list of over 10,000 malicious IPs. With new threats constantly evolving, Limited Login Attepts Reloaded will always provide the latest data to ensure your protection is the best it can be.

  Secure apps and other web infrastructure right out of the box
  Scalable subscription model
  Active blocklist is always updated using IP data from 5,000+ websites
  Data visualization to see how many IPs are blocked
  No contracts – Cancel anytime


Choose Your Plan

Our monthly plans may be cancelled at any time with no additional fees.

Per Domain


$49.99/ mo

+ 1,000,000 API requests per month
+ Real-time IP Data
+ 10,000+ Malicious IPs (Active)
+ IPv6 Included
+ Country code included
+ Date of last IP activity included
+ Extra source check of 3M+ malicious IPs
+ Email Support

Per Domain

Premium Plus

$89.99/ mo

Everything In Premium, and...
+ 2,000,000 API requests per month
+ Integration Assitance


$199.99/ mo

Everything In Plus, and...
+ 5,000,000 API requests per month



Everything In Professional, and...
+ Custom package of API requests and support. Email us for more details.

API Specs

  • There will be a separate API endpoint that provides LLAR IP data to 3rd parties.
  • 3rd parties will use the data to secure their apps.
  • API requests are limited by usage based on the plan that is purchased. 
  • Input: IP address
  • Output: See table
Parameter Example Description
ip IP being checked
geo.country USA Country of the IP
is_blocked true Is the IP blocked?
danger medium Level of danger
reason global_blocklist Why the IP got blocked
ttl 1662906210 Unix time when the block will expire

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Our users range from personal bloggers and WooCommerce merchants, to webmasters directing an entire network of sites. With over 2 million active installations, WordPress users from across the globe trust Limit Login Attempts Reloaded to secure their website.

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“I have been using limit login attempts for a number of years and wouldn’t run a WordPress site without it. I run the local Village Association web site using WordPress and we receive regular login hacking attempts mainly from Eastern Europe and they have never hacked their way in while I have been using this plug in.”


“I develop WordPress sites, and as of now Limit Login Attempts Reloaded is part of my standard initial installation. I know that all my sites are under constant bot attack, but so far as I know, strong passwords plus LLAR have kept them safe. ”


“Adding an extra layer of security to a WordPress website is important to us, and Limit Login Attempts Reloaded does just that. It’s great, thank you.”


Optimize site performance and stop excessive login attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with my software?

Yes, as long as it’s a publically available web application (desktop or mobile). The API has a simple syntax and your developer will easily hook it up.

Is it fast and scalable?

Yes. The average respond time is far below 1 second. We use Amazon serverless infrastucture so the API will work under any load without any degradation.

What if I run out of requests?

We will alert you if your requests reach a 80% threshold in a given month. You will be able to buy more requests or upgrade your plan. It’s a good practice to have a failover/caching solution within your local infrastructure.

Can I use it as a geo IP service too?

This is not the main goal of the API but yes, you can do it. We maintain geo information and will share it with you under single API.