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I put my username on the "deny" access list and now I'm locked out!!

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Over the past couple of days our site been the subject of some kind of brute force attack, with unknown persons attempting to log in to our site.  Earlier today I upgraded our “Limit Login Attempts” plugin to try to manage this – in the process of trying to deny access to the attacker, I accidently denied access to myself (I put my username on the “deny” list).  None of the other user have administrator privileges, and so I’m unable to log myself back in.  We are NOT a technologically savvy office, unfortunately.  Is there any way to fix this? Can someone please help??

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Hey Sarahk, we were able to remove all of the usernames via the cloud service so you can login and re-configure this list. If you need any assistance in the future, we're here for you.