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I'm Upgraded, but s...
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I'm Upgraded, but still getting a lot of attacks

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I just recently upgraded my site, but I'm still getting a lot of attacks. I received over 100 failed login attempt emails in the past hour. Should I be concerned at this point? Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks!

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Hi MikeJ,

The upgraded version will not stop bots and hackers from coming back. Since they use millions of variations of IPs, you will find this as a never ending job. What the premium service will do is outsource the site load from the attacks and alleviate your local load and improve performance. If you have more than one site, the cloud will multiply the level of handling such attacks. 

We understand the emails can be excessive, but the purpose of those are to help you understand how serious the attack level is. Because you have advanced protection, you can feel better about turning those off because your performance will not be degraded if the attacks get too severe. We would also recommend changing any admin passwords to something very strong.