How can I tell that the premium plugin is working?

After you upgrade to our premium version, you will see a new dashboard that shows all attacks that will now relay through our cloud.

You will still see the attacks because unfortunately they will never stop but now our cloud will safely process and neutralize them without taking resources from your site. This is very important and positively impacts your site’s stability and performance.

The green circle means that your site is well protected by the cloud and you will still see the number of failed login attempts that happened today. This is for your information and will indicate the severity of the attacks. Here’s an example:

This means there were 185 attacks today but they all have been blocked by the cloud. Тhe plugin is working well!

The graph on the right shows some historical data for the last 2 weeks and again displays the number of attacks blocked.

The graph is followed by another block with some useful shortcuts.

These are self-explanatory and can be used to quickly access various topics.

The bottom two blocks contain information about the global network. They are not specific to your site but reflect the status of what’s happening in the cloud.

These two blocks are useful if you would like to know what’s happening with the entire network and can help you to understand if there’s an increase in attacks worldwide.