Office IP

If you work out of an office and your IP address gets blocked, you might notice that nobody in your office can access or log in to the site. This is because your router has an IP address that everyone in your office shares. This issue is easily resolved if you log in from your mobile device using mobile network and unblock that IP address.

Blocking IPs

We get asked a lot if IP addresses should be blocked. The short answer is no! Normally this is done using a firewall. The firewall is a service your web hosting provider would offer or a proxy service like CloudFlare. If you see a dangerous IP address, add it to the blacklist and it will stop attacking your site. The reason why we don’t recommend blocking IP that is because it’s a lot of manual (blocking when they are dangerous and unblocking once they are not) work when our system can determine if an IP is dangerous or not. It will make it impossible for an attacker to get in once our system detected them.

Blocking IPs is like playing the Whac-a-mole game. You can never finish it. There will always be more IPs to block. The idea is not to block them all because a dangerous today IP might get assigned to a legitimate user tomorrow and you will be missing out on relevant traffic.

It’s much better to make it impossible for an attacker to log in and do it automatically and effectively. And that’s what our IP intelligence feature does very well making your job very easy as you don’t really need to block anything. So, unless you enjoy adding IPs to block list, your time might be better spend doing something else.