New Billing System

Our billing system is ready for you to start using it!

Your billing account is available at https://my.limitloginattempts.com
Use your customer ID and the admin key to log in. Both can be found in the email you received from us when registering. Your invoices are available for download. You will have to provide your name and address under your profile before downloading your invoice. Please review some options below:

After login, the system will redirect you to the list of your domains.

The Domains option allows you to see all of your currently active or inactive domains/sub-domains. You can see the Logs associated with each domain and when it was registered as well as the domain name.

You can also easily view and download your invoices from the Invoices section.

Make sure to fill out your Profile to be able to see your billing information on your invoices and download them.

Resetting your logins

In some cases you might have a need to reset your access. We created a special page to reset your login credentials for that. It requires 3 important pieces of information from you:

Your Setup Code

Your Subscription ID

Your Email

You can find these in the emails we sent you. Keep in mind that sometimes they go into your Spam or Junk folders, so look there first before sounding an alarm.

Once you’ve filled in your information you will receive an email with your billing system logins. Use those to get into your account.

In some cases our customers might misspell their email address which makes it impossible for them to receive any related emails from us. Such cases are easy to spot – no emails from us! If that happens or you need any special assistance with our billing portal, you may contact us at [email protected].