De AWS-services die wij gebruiken zijn PCI-compatibel. Meer informatie vindt u hier.

It will protect your site from brute-force attacks only. It will not protect the site if there are any security issues within the code (plugins, etc) of your site.

After you complete your purchase of the premium cloud app, you are provided an email with instructions to complete the setup. If you have followed the instructions and the cloud app does not activate, please make sure the plugin is updated to the latest version before attempting again. If you still have issues, please email us at [email protected] for implementation assistance. There are rare situations where your WordPress site settings may be blocking how the plugin functions, and this will require our techs to resolve.

There will be many indicators that will tell you if you’re under a more serious brute-force attack. 1) The log of lockouts grows fast 2) You get a lot of lockout notifications (if they are turned on which is recommended) 3) You site operates slower for unknown reason 4) You get a notice from your hosting provider

Currently we keep them for one year, but this might change in the future

No, your site only reads the cloud and writes anonymous information to it. The cloud doesn’t have access to your site. Security and access restrictions are our main focus.

In our support forum. This is where you will get the fastest help possible. You can also use the official WP support forum, but there might be some delays there.

We temporarily store IPs, usernames (if an email is used instead, then the email) and the site’s domain to do efficient lockouts. This info is not used for any other purposes. The plugin doesn’t send passwords to the cloud. Any information can be deleted if requested.