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Blocked User not re...
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Blocked User not recognized as blocked by plugin

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I'm utilizing the plugin on WP 5.8.4. The plugin is wonderful. Lately (especially today) I'm getting notified by a user that they are locked out with the message "please try again in x hours"

Yet, this user is not listed in the logs for lockouts and this is not the number of hours I've specified in 'settings' for this plugin.

I've asked the user to clear cookies, restart the device, and even log in on my device. The first 2 items returned the same message. The user was able to log in on my device. 

It seems the user's phone and computer return that message. Also, I whitelisted the user's IP, with no change.

What else am I missing?

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Hello, could you let us know your cliendID and the IP address of the user?