It’s common to see the IPs that you blocked still trying to log in to your site. This is ok and you should not worry about it.

The thing is, if you keep blocking IPs, the attackers will just keep using new ones and you will be endlessly blocking them every day. Is that something you really want to focus on? We didn’t think so.

How our service is different

Our service makes it look to the attacker like they are making progress but in reality it’s a game they will never win. This makes it very frustrating for them and they soon give up and move on, instead of changing their IP. All of their attempts will end up failing!

When an login attempt is made, it hits your HTTP server as well as your MYSQL database. This normally causes an increased utilization of the resources of your site and slows it way down, especially if there are a lot of attacks. Our premium plugin intercepts these and instead of using your site’s resources uses our cloud to absorb them. As the result, your site’s resources are not used or overloaded.

Firewall or not?

A few words about a firewall. If you do have one installed on your site, you will have to manage IPs every day and also again your site’s resources will be used because your blocklists have to be processed and the requests from the attacks still have to be processed by your site, so keep these in mind before you implement one! It’s always better to just block an unwanted user instead and outsource the processing resources to our cloud.