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Brute Force Protection
Identify and counter unauthorized access attempts to protect your WordPress website
  • Intelligent Pattern Recognition
    Identifies repetitive and suspicious login attempts to detect potential brute force attacks
  • Adaptive Risk Scoring
    Assigns risk levels based on login behavior patterns, enabling proactive protection against brute force threats
Simple & Effective Protection
Safeguard your WordPress website by proactively detecting
and thwarting unauthorized login access attempts
Seamlessly Prevent Unauthorized
Logins From Select Regions
Access Powerful Database Of
Malicious IPs To Bolster Defenses
Limit Logins
Protect your website from brute force attacks by setting restrictions on login attempts, enhancing security and thwarting unauthorized access attempts
  • Progressive Delay Mechanism
    Increases the time delay exponentially after each failed login attempt, discouraging automated brute force attacks
  • Customizable Lockout Policies
    Allows administrators to set specific lockout thresholds and durations based on their security requirements
The Only Plugin You Need To Limit Login Attempts
Easily limit login attempts in WordPress by setting access rules and throttling excessive attacks
Effortlessly Add Malicious IP’s
To Your Deny List
Neutralize Excessive Login
Attempts Autonomously
Notifications & Reporting
Stay informed and in control with real-time alerts and comprehensive reports, ensuring proactive security monitoring and actionable insights
  • Instant Notifications
    Receive immediate alerts via email when security events or suspicious activities occur
  • Event Logs & Audit Trails
    Maintain detailed records of security events, login attempts, and system activities for analysis and forensic purposes
Stay Informed Of Threats With Real-Time Alerts
Security monitoring is easy with real-time alerts and comprehensive reports, ensuring proactive security monitoring and actionable insights
Track All Network Activity In
One Place
Automatically Backup All
IP Data
Network Creation
Simplify security management by applying consistent IP rules across multiple websites in your network, ensuring uniform protection
  • Unified IP Rules Configuration
    Easily define and manage IP rules across multiple websites in the network from a centralized interface
  • Uniform IP Whitelisting/Blocklisting
    Apply the same IP whitelist or blocklist across network websites, effectively controlling access and preventing malicious activity
Create A Network Between Websites To Amplify Your Protection
Connect multiple WordPress websites for enhanced login security and defense, bolstering protection and minimizing vulnerabilities
Access Powerful Database Of
Malicious IPs To Bolster Defenses
Quickly Unblock The
Blocked Admins
Login Firewall
Secure your login page with our cutting-edge login firewall, defending against unauthorized access attempts and protecting your users' accounts and sensitive information
  • Granular Access Control
    Fine-tune access permissions by adding trusted IP addresses and usernames to the allowlist, granting exclusive entry to authorized entities
  • Automatic Threat Prevention
    Automatically block malicious IP addresses from accessing your login page, bolstering security defenses against potential attacks
Take Control of Who Can Access Your Site with IP Deny Lists
Safeguard your website by taking control of access permissions using IP deny lists, empowering you to dictate who can view your login page
Get Peace of Mind With
Intelligent IP Denial
Seamlessly Prevent Unauthorized
Logins From Select Regions
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Frequently asked questions

The software implements various techniques such as intelligent pattern recognition, rate limiting, and account lockouts to identify and mitigate brute force attacks. It detects repetitive login attempts, sets limits on login rates, and can temporarily suspend or lockout accounts after a certain number of failed login attempts.

Yes, the software offers customizable lockout settings. Administrators can define specific thresholds for failed login attempts and adjust the duration of lockouts according to their security requirements. This flexibility allows tailoring the protection measures to align with specific needs.

Yes, the software offers real-time alerts and notifications. These notifications can be sent via email instantly notifying administrators about detected security events, such as suspicious login attempts or lockouts. This enables prompt response and proactive management of potential threats.

Premium users receive advanced technical support via email. Free users have access to the WordPress community support forum.

In addition to brute force protection, the software provides a range of supplementary security measures. These can include IP denying and safelisting, intrusion detection systems (IDS), enhanced logging and reporting capabilities, and network synchronization. These additional features enhance overall website security and defense against various threats.