Is My WordPress Website Under Attack?

Learn how to determine the threat level from brute force attacks and how to best defend your website.

What happens when an attack is successful?

Once the site is compromised, it will start sending out spam or bogus traffic to other sites. This is how the attackers make money. There are some cases where they will ask for a ransom to give you back access to your site. Here are a few other things that will happen.

Your website is used as a staging ground to perform attacks on other websites.

Data theft:

Customer account data is stolen and used for other scams such as phishing.


Your site is infected with malicious software that damages devices, steals data, and causes chaos.

Your business could incur major financial loss and temporary removal from the Google index if an attack is successful.
Some of the most common symptoms of a successful brute force attack are degraded site performance, page redirects to online scams, and unusual email activity from your domain. If you believe you’ve been a victim of a successful brute force attack, call your hosting provider IMMEDIATELY for further instruction.

How can I better protect my website?

There are any ways you can protect your website from brute force attacks