Create Custom Cloud App

Starting from version 2.16 of the plugin, you have the ability to create your own cloud application that will talk to the plugin via an API and handle the majority of the plugin features on your dedicated premise.

A common scenario would be when you manage several WordPress websites and would like to track their protection from a single place. This will allow you to sync their Allow/Deny lists and lockouts therefore having joint protection.

We have developed an API for such a need and included its code into the plugin. You’ll find the interface on the Settings tab.

You can create your app using any technology you like. The only requirement for it, besides safety of course, is compatibility with the API format that is supported by the plugin.

We put together the API specs in the OpenAPI format. You can download using this link.

You can open the specs file using an online Swagger editor or any other similar tool.

Your API should follow the naming convention exactly how it is specified in the specs. If you did everything right, after importing your app into the plugin using a Setup Link, you’ll see the updated interface right away.

We’d like to share a couple tips about the Setup Link. This is the only thing that needs clarifications as it’s how a new app gets installed. The Setup Link is the link that you create and optionally give your customers to activate your app on the domain. Therefore, this link should be secure should return all information about your app in the format described in the OpenAPI document. We recommend that you subscribe to our Cloud Service before you decide to build your own so you can better understand the flow and duplicate the concept.

It is worthwhile mentioning that building your own service might look a simple task, but be prepared to spend a few months of complicated development to do everything right. If such investment doesn’t make sense, consider our affordable solution, made by the Limit Login Attempts Team.