Pre-Sales Questions

Yes. Although we are unaware of any, it’s possible plugins could conflict with each other. Make sure to test both plugins after installing to ensure all features work properly.

You’ll be notified if your requests exceed 90% of quota and offered the ability to upgrade to the next plan. If you decline, the premium service will turn off once 100% of resources have been utilized. It will reset when the subscription renews the following month.

We offer a recommendation for each plan on our plans page. Click "Compare All Plans" for more details.

Although you receive adequate protection in the free version, the premium version provides protection against the side effects of brute force attacks, like over-utilization of resources. There are also preventative measures included with advanced IP intelligence which can identify malicious IP’s before they have a chance to try to guess your password.

There will be many indicators that will tell you if you’re under a more serious brute-force attack. 1) The log of lockouts grows fast 2) You get a lot of lockout notifications (if they are turned on which is recommended) 3) You site operates slower for unknown reason 4) You get a notice from your hosting provider.

Yes because they will become redundant, thanks to cloud IP intelligence.

If you care about the speed and safety of your website, then you’ll want to upgrade. Brute force attacks are the second most common way for hackers to access your WordPress website (#1 is faulty plugins). LLAR is utilized on over 2 million websites worldwide, and rated as one of the top security plugins.

No, it’s very simple and takes about 5 minutes. You’ll just receive a Setup Code (License) and enter it in your plugin settings. Here is a quick video about how to upgrade.

You can request a full refund after 7 days of using the plugin.

Yes, it’s likely that GoDaddy or IONOS pre-installed the plugin on your website if you’re a customer. This is the free version of limit login attempts reloaded. Here is an article for more info.

There are no contracts, so you can cancel at any time. Once the new month starts, the service will be discontinued. If you paid for a lifetime or annual subscription, there will not be a refund for unused months/years.