We are proud to announce that Limit Login Attempts Reloaded has reached 2 million downloads! We couldn’t have done this without the incredible support from our users and hosting providers. Over the course of the past 5 years, millions of malicious IP’s have been blocked while protecting digital infrastructure and data privacy. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished, and will continue our journey to make the WordPress ecosystem more reliable and secure!

Features in our pipeline

User Interface (Billing System)

We have been building an app for our premium customers that will allow them manage their sites, subscriptions and settings. We will deploy the beta version in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Working Hours

This feature will be available for our premium subscribers. They will be able to specify “Working Hours” for their users. A user (including the admin) will be able to log in during working hours only. All login attempts beyond the working hours will automatically fail. This is a good way to close the site for nights or extended leave.

Advanced Server Load Cutting

The plugin will have an option to turn on an intermediate page that a user will land on prior to logging in. That page will not use the WP core libraries and therefore will be lightweight. The page will do it’s security checks and redirect the user to the real login page. Since it will not load WP core, this approach will help fighting against DDoS attacks on the login page and will drastically reduce the load on the servers.

Crypto Wall

Users will have to prove their right to log into the site. They will do that by connecting with the site using a crypto wallet like MetaMask. If they proved they have the required assets in their wallet to log in, they are allowed to enter. The requirements will be specified by the admin.

Example: a user can log in if they have an NFT of a specific collection.

Example 2: a user can log in if they have X ETH tokens.

This feature is optional and can be turned off by default.

As always, if you have a feature recommendation, please email us at [email protected]!