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LLAR Hits 2 Million Downloads – New Features Coming Soon

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded hits 2 million active installations. Read more about what’s in store for the future of the plugin.

| November 24, 2021 | 4 Min Read

We are proud to announce that Limit Login Attempts Reloaded has reached 2 million downloads! We couldn't have done this without the incredible support from our users and hosting providers. Over the course of the past 5 years, millions of malicious IP's have been blocked while protecting digital infrastructure and data privacy. We are proud of what we've accomplished, and will continue our journey to make the WordPress ecosystem more reliable and secure!

A Look Back At What We've Accomplished

Let's take a moment to recognize what we've done to get us here.

Mentioned in Forbes Magazine

In a remarkable feat, the Limit Login Attempts Reloaded WordPress plugin has not only become a cornerstone of website security but has also garnered the attention of prestigious publications like Forbes Magazine. The plugin's robust security features have earned it a spotlight in Forbes, highlighting its crucial role in safeguarding WordPress websites. This recognition is a testament to the plugin's effectiveness in addressing the ever-growing challenges of cybersecurity.

Over 2 Million Users World Wide

The Limit Login Attempts Reloaded WordPress plugin has achieved an impressive milestone by surpassing 2 million active installs worldwide. This remarkable adoption rate underscores the trust and confidence users place in the plugin to fortify their websites against unauthorized access. The widespread implementation of this security solution reflects its user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and, most importantly, its ability to provide a robust defense mechanism against malicious login attempts.

Premium Network Grew To 2k Subscribers

As the Limit Login Attempts Reloaded WordPress plugin continues to gain widespread popularity, its premium offering has not lagged behind. With an astounding two thousand premium subscribers, users are embracing the enhanced features and premium support that come with the upgraded version. Our IP intelligence tools have successfully thwarted millions of brute force attacks, offering website owners not only enhanced security but, more significantly, a newfound sense of peace of mind.

Our Plans For The Future

We have several features in development, but here are a few we are most excited about.

Working Hours

This functionality will be accessible exclusively to our premium subscribers. With this feature, subscribers can define "Working Hours" for their users. During these designated hours, users, including administrators, will have the ability to log in, while any login attempts outside of the specified working hours will automatically be denied. This feature proves to be an effective means of temporarily closing access to the site during nights or extended periods of absence.

Advanced Server Load Cutting

The plugin will feature an option to activate an intermediary page that users will encounter before logging in. This page, designed to be lightweight by not relying on WP core libraries, will conduct essential security checks before redirecting users to the actual login page. By avoiding the use of WP core, this innovative approach serves as a robust defense against DDoS attacks on the login page, effectively mitigating potential security threats and significantly alleviating server loads.

New Plugin Interface

We've been actively engaged in designing a revamped interface aimed at enhancing user experience and streamlining app usage. The upcoming features will encompass informative tooltips and instructional videos, providing users with valuable guidance. Additionally, the redesigned interface will contribute to the overall efficiency of the plugin, ensuring a more seamless and intuitive user interaction.

Do you have any recommendations to improve LLAR? Submit your features and feedback to our roadmap to build a better software!

About the Author

Greg Fisher is the CMO and co-founder of Limit Login Attempts Reloaded, spearheading the company’s content and user acquisition.