Release 2.25.14/15 – Multisite Support, Email Update

Recently we launched the latest update to the plugin with some bug fixes and more helpful content.

What was fixed/updated

  1. Multisite support improved
  2. CSS outside of the plugin issue fixed
  3. Better number formatting on the dashboard
  4. Lockout email template updated
  5. Error messages logic fixed

Multisite Support Improved

We have tested the multisite installation with all scenarios possible, when the plugin is installed at a network level and at a personal site level, also when the sites are subdomain – or subfolder – based, using the local and the cloud app. The code was updated to streamline all related logic.

CSS outside of the plugin

The plugin used to load its CSS on some pages not related to the plugin itself. We made it so it loads CSS on its own pages only.

Better Number Formatting

We displayed numbers in our plugin without commas or spaces etc. (i.e. 1000000). We now added number formatting specific to the user’s location to all of the numbers for easier reading.

Lockout Email Updated

Our lockout email notifications were updated to include more info and a more modern template.

Error Messages Logic Fixed

When making requests to the login page, and at the same time switching back and forth from local app to the cloud app in the settings, the login error message displayed attempts incorrectly.

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