Release 2.25.11 – New Help Tab & Bug Fixes

Last week we launched the latest update to the plugin with some bug fixes and more helpful content.

What was fixed/updated

  1. Help & extensions tab added
  2. Plugin version display
  3. Notification about auto updates
  4. Bug fixes: PHP 8 compatibility fix and log loading improvement
  5. Various text changes for better understanding and flow

Help & Extension Tab Added

There are a lot of questions about the plugin, and how to best configure the settings. We decided to dedicate a tab within the plugin with the most frequently asked questions, and direct links to help articles on our website. We also added another tab for our premium plans in case the user was interested in upgrading.

Plugin Version Display

The plugin version is available now from the Debug tab.

Notification About Auto-Updates

We noticed that some users fail to enable auto-updates and miss critical updates. We have added a reminder for users to enable auto-update in the WordPress dashboard.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed a compatibility issue with PHP . There also was a log loading issue that was fixed that might affect certain premium installation.

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