Updated Access Control Interface For Premium Users

We are thrilled to announce the release of exciting new features and improvements on our Access Control page! These updates are designed to enhance your experience and make managing access control easier and more efficient. In this blog post, we will walk you through the latest features that have been incorporated into the interface.

To check out the new features, please visit our Access Control page at: https://my.limitloginattempts.com/acl

  1. Bulk Entry in Pattern Field: We understand the importance of saving time and effort when managing access control. With our new update, you can now enter a list of IP addresses or usernames in the Pattern field, each on a new line. This eliminates the need to add them individually, allowing you to quickly import blocked IP addresses or usernames in bulk. This feature is particularly helpful when transitioning from the free version to a premium, as you can seamlessly migrate your existing blocked IP addresses.

  2. Site-Specific Access Rules: Managing access rules across multiple sites within your network has never been easier. Our latest update allows you to specify the sites where access rules should be applied. You can now select any number of domains without the need to enter individual rules for each site. This streamlines the process, making it more convenient and efficient to manage access control across your entire network.

  3. Description Field for Rule Explanation: Keeping track of the reasons behind specific access rules is essential for effective management. With the addition of the Description field, you can now specify why a particular rule was added. This feature enables you to document the rationale behind each rule, providing valuable context and helping you remember the purpose over time.

  4. Enhanced Search Functionality: Navigating through a long list of rules can be time-consuming. Our improved interface now includes a search functionality for rule lists. With a simple search query, you can quickly locate specific rules based on IP addresses, usernames, or descriptions. This feature saves you valuable time and ensures efficient rule management.

We are committed to continually enhancing our software to provide you with the best experience possible. The latest updates to our Access Control page offer a range of new features, including bulk entry, site-specific rules, description fields, and enhanced search capabilities. We encourage you to explore these new additions and take advantage of the improved functionality. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to make your access control management seamless and hassle-free!

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