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Premium Features

Login Firewall
  • Identify repetitive and suspicious login attempts to detect potential brute force attacks. Using the power of IP intelligence with the premium cloud app, IPs with known malicious activity are stored and used to help prevent and counter future attacks.
  • Use IP and user access rules to further enhance the security and control over your system.
Deny By Country
  • Deny IP addresses from countries where your admin users aren't located, preventing unauthorized access. Unlike other competitors, we have pre-programmed country IP ranges for easy setup.
Performance Optimizer
  • When a brute force attack occurs, your local server resources can be drained by thousands of IPs attempting logins in a short time span.
  • Not only does this slow down your website, but could require more bandwidth to stay online.
  • If you run an ecommerce store, customer purchasing could be disrupted causing conversion rates to drop. 
  • Performance Optimizer solves this problem by absorbing up to 300,000 requests (IPs that ping your login page). The IPs of failed attempts are then stored, and used to thwart future attacks.
Global Denylist Protection
  • By utilizing active cloud IP data from thousands of websites in the LLAR network, the cloud app proactively identifies and thwarts potential brute force attacks, ensuring enhanced security against malicious login attempts across websites and entire networks.
Auto IP Denylist
  • Safeguard your website by automatically adding IP addresses to your active cloud deny list that repeatedly fail login attempts, ensuring enhanced security and saving time from manual configuration.
  • By default, this feature is turned on and adds IPs after 3 lockouts.
Enhanced Lockout Logs
  • Gain valuable insights into the origins of IPs that are attempting logins. With our enhanced logs, we can provide precise information on the source of malicious activity.
  • Use this information to deny entire countries, or add the harmful IPs to your deny list. Identify and track potential threats effectively to strengthen your website's security measures.
Premium Technical Support
  • Our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist you promptly and effectively via email, ensuring that your technical issues are resolved with precision and care.
  • We can provide assistance with compatibility issues, implementation, and general questions about the software. We are available 7 days a week.

Reduce Failed Login Attempts By 84%

The average user who upgrades to premium will see an 84% reduction in failed login attempts.

  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cancel For ANY Reason
  • Change Plans Anytime
  • No Contracts

Per domain

US $7.99/mo
US $3.33/mo
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Discount applies to first year of subscription.
US $7.99
Billed Annually
Save 58%
US $149.99
Flash Sale Offer!
US $299.99
Billed One Time
Save 50%
  • Get advanced IP intelligence to identify threats before they attack.
  • Neutralize attacks in the cloud for improved performance.
  • Premium tech support via email.
  • Performance Optimizer(100k requests per month)
  • IP Throttling
  • IP Intelligence
  • Enriched IP data
  • Enhanced Lockout Logs
  • Login Firewall
  • Lifetime Updates & Support
Premium Plus

Per domain

US $10.99/mo
US $4.58/mo
Flash Sale Offer!
Discount applies to first year of subscription.
US $10.99
Billed Annually
Save 58%
US $199.99
Flash Sale Offer!
US $399.99
Billed One Time
Save 50%
  • For website owners with an increased threat.
  • Deny entire countries & access denylist of known malicious IPs.
Everything in Premium and…
  • Performance Optimizer(200k requests per month)
  • Deny By Country
  • Global denylist Access of 500k Malicious IPs(Static list)

Per domain

US $15.99/mo
US $6.67/mo
Flash Sale Offer!
Discount applies to first year of subscription.
US $15.99
Billed Annually
Save 58%
US $299.99
Flash Sale Offer!
US $599.99
Billed One Time
Save 50%
  • The most comprehensive protection with complete IP denylist automation & advanced implementation and support.
Everything in Premium Plus, and…
  • Performance Optimizer(300k requests per month)
  • Auto-add malicious IPs to your denylist
  • Global denylist Protection via Active Cloud (Real-time)
  • Advanced Implementation Support

Includes 10 domains

US $45.00/mo
US $18.75/mo
Flash Sale Offer!
Discount applies to first year of subscription.
US $45.00
Billed Annually
Save 58%
Lifetime not available with Agency plans
  • For individuals or agencies with multiple domains.
  • Tiers of 10, 25, 50, & 100+ domains with decreasing cost per domain at each level.
  • Includes all features and comprehensive protection.
Everything in Professional, and…
  • Performance Optimizer(from 1M requests per month, 100k requests per domain)
  • Add more requests as needed
  • Resell and package to clients
  • Easily add or remove domains
Features Free Premium Premium + Professional
Recommended For Basic Login Protection For Entry-Level WordPress Websites. Websites that are Self-Managed and Require Optimal Safeguards Against Present and Future Hazards. Websites Under Elevated Threat that Require Additional Features & Resources To Operate At Their Optimal Performance. Websites Under Frequent Attack That Require The Most Comprehensive Protection To Protect Sensitive Data.
Monthly Price - US $7.99 US $10.99 US $15.99
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US $79.99
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US $109.99
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US $159.99
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Lifetime Price - US $149.99Best Value! US $199.99Best Value! US $299.99Best Value!
Limit Login Attempts
Configurable Lockout Timings
GDPR Compliance
WordPress Login Page Protect(Includes WooCommerce & XMLRPC)
Safelist/Denylist(Supports IP Ranges)
Lockouts Log
Configurable Email Notifications On Lockouts
Trusted IP Origins Auto Auto Auto
Login Firewall
Performance Optimizer - Brute Force Attacks Absorbed In The Cloud 100k Requests 200k Requests 300k Requests
Access Active Cloud Denylist
Auto IP Denylist
Deny By Country
Access IP Denylist of Known Malicious IPs
XML-RPC Denial
Enriched IP Data
IP Throttling
Synchronized IP Safelist/Denylist Between Multiple Domains
Synchronized Lockouts Check Between Multiple Domains
Supports IPV6 Ranges for Safelist/Denylist
Visual Metrics
CSV Download of All IP Data
Intelligent IP Denial
Auto Backup Of All IP Data
Enhanced Lockouts Log
Unlock The Locked Admin
Email Support
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