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How Can I Tell If The Premium Version Is Working?

Explore the indicators and key metrics to assess the effectiveness of the premium version.

| May 11, 2021 | 2 Min Read

After upgrading to our premium version, you will see a new dashboard that displays new items not available to free users. Most importantly, you'll notice the login firewall tab and a new chart in the dashboard. Since IP validation is relayed through the cloud app, you'll notice a new version of the daily failed login attempts chart. The chart will display both failed login attempts and requests.

failed login attempts charts for premium users showing requests.

Failed Login Attempts Chart

The updated chart on your dashboard provides insights into the cloud app's efficiency in identifying and thwarting brute force attacks. Prior to attempting a login, an IP address must undergo validation by the cloud app, referred to as a "request." If the IP address is not rejected based on existing rules or patterns, any failed login attempt will be logged as an unsuccessful entry.

If your website is not recording any requests, then the cloud app might be installed incorrectly. You can reach out to customer support to verify that there isn't any plugin conflicts or issues.

Login Firewall

When the premium version is activated, you'll notice the "logs" tab from the free version is now called the "Login Firewall". The login firewall will not only display advanced logs, but you'll be able to block logins by country and enter access rules for enhanced protection.

login firewall tab in limit login attempts reloaded app.

Can I Remove Failed Login Attempts Completely?

Even with the premium upgrade, it's not possible to entirely eliminate failed login attempts. Since IPs are dynamic, new and undiscovered IPs will continuously attempt logins. The recommended solution is to restrict login attempts and implement throttling measures, forcing attackers to exhaust their resources and halt their assault. We've created an article to reduce failed login attempts further using our premium features.

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