Should I block IP addresses?

We frequently receive inquiries regarding the practice of blocking IP addresses. In response, we maintain the stance that IP blocking is generally not recommended. Typically, this task is accomplished through the utilization of a network firewall, which can be provided either as a service by your web hosting provider or through a proxy service such as CloudFlare. By identifying and adding malicious IP addresses to a blocklist, attacks on your website can be effectively prevented. However, we discourage the manual blocking and unblocking of IP addresses due to the significant effort involved. Our system possesses the capability to determine the threat level of an IP address automatically, rendering it inaccessible to potential attackers once detected.

The act of blocking IP addresses is akin to playing the game Whac-a-mole, where the task is never truly completed. There will always be additional IP addresses requiring blocking. It is important to recognize that blocking all IPs is impractical, as an IP considered dangerous today may be assigned to a legitimate user tomorrow, resulting in the loss of relevant traffic.

A more effective approach is to implement measures that render unauthorized access unfeasible, employing automated and efficient methods. Our IP intelligence feature accomplishes this objective admirably, significantly simplifying your responsibilities by eliminating the need to block any IP addresses manually. Unless you derive satisfaction from continuously adding IPs to a block list, your time would be better spent on other endeavors.