Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure that requires users to provide another layer of authentication in addition to their username and password. It is designed to add an extra level of security to help protect against unauthorized access to accounts. Although our team at LLAR think it’s a great way to secure access to your website, we don’t feel it’s necessary to run both security measures if you have the LLAR plugin installed, and use secure passwords. In fact, it can be more problematic for the user in terms of performance and convenience. 

Here is a list of some potential issues with 2FA that you should be aware of:

#1 – User Inconvenience

Some users may find it inconvenient to have to provide an additional authentication factor, especially if they are using a method that requires them to carry a physical token or device. 

#2 – Requires setting up extra software

Setting up extra software might add some complexity to the process, including figuring out and fixing common issues like out-of-sync time zones and others.

#3 – Vulnerabilities to social engineering attacks

In some cases, attackers may try to trick users into revealing their 2FA codes or tokens. For example, they may pretend to be a legitimate company or service and ask the user to provide their 2FA code as part of a supposed security check.

#4 – Vulnerabilities to hardware or software failures

If the device or software used for 2FA fails or becomes lost or stolen, users may have difficulty accessing their accounts.

#5 – Vulnerabilities to attacks on authentication servers

In some cases, attackers may try to compromise the server that handles 2FA authentication in order to gain access to users’ accounts.

#6- Losing access to phone or email

You might lock yourself out if your phone number changes, you lose access to your email, or your authenticator app becomes corrupt. 

#7 – Brute force attacks will never stop

The actual attacks will not stop and enabling 2FA authentication doesn’t mean the brute-force attacks will magically disappear. They will still continue to bombard your site.

In Conclusion

Overall, while 2FA can be an effective security measure, it is not foolproof and users should be aware of the potential vulnerabilities. By installing LLAR and using secure passwords, you’ll not only prevent hackers from breaking in, but you’ll reduce server load by redirecting failed logins to use much more scalable serverless technologies of the cloud.