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Limit the number of login attempts, lockout notifications, lockout logs, no technical support
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WordPress Login Page Protect (Includes WooCommerce & XMLRPC)      
Lockouts Log      
Safelist/Blocklist (Supports IP Ranges)      
GDPR Compliance      
Configurable Email Notifications On Lockouts      
Configurable Lockout Timings      
Trusted IP Origins      
Performance Optimizer – Brute Force Attacks Absorbed In The Cloud (Up To 100k Requests Monthly)      
IP Throttling      
Synchronized IP Safelist/Blocklist Between Multiple Domains      
Synchronized Lockouts Check Between Multiple Domains      
Supports IPV6 Ranges for Safelist/Blocklist      
Visual Metrics      
CSV Download of All IP Data      
Intelligent IP Blocking/Unblocking      
Auto Backup Of All Data      
Enhanced Lockouts Log      
Unlock The Locked Admin      
Forum Support      
Email Support      
Multi-Domain Discount (20+)      
Implementation Support      

Optimize site performance and stop excessive login attempts.

Trusted by Millions of Sites Worldwide

Our users range from personal bloggers and WooCommerce merchants, to webmasters directing an entire network of sites. With over 2 million active installations, WordPress users from across the globe trust Limit Login Attempts Reloaded to secure their website.

We believe this plugin is the #1 solution for stopping brute force attacks in WordPress and the negative effects they cause including poor site performance and overwhelming data storage; but you don’t have to take our word for it! Just have a look at the hundreds of 5 star reviews on WordPress.org to see why users love Limit Login Attempts Reloaded.

Real Reviews. Real Customers.

“ Before having Limit Login Attempts Reloaded my site got hacked. Since installing it there have been attempts, but they are successfully blocked and I have no more worries. Great plugin.”


“I have been using limit login attempts for a number of years and wouldn’t run a WordPress site without it. I run the local Village Association web site using WordPress and we receive regular login hacking attempts mainly from Eastern Europe and they have never hacked their way in while I have been using this plug in.”


“I develop WordPress sites, and as of now Limit Login Attempts Reloaded is part of my standard initial installation. I know that all my sites are under constant bot attack, but so far as I know, strong passwords plus LLAR have kept them safe. ”


“Adding an extra layer of security to a WordPress website is important to us, and Limit Login Attempts Reloaded does just that. It’s great, thank you.”