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Renaming WordPress Admin Username [Is It a Good Idea?]

Uncover the potential benefits and pitfalls of renaming the WordPress admin username.

| September 5, 2023 | 5 Min Read

Securing your WordPress website raises a significant question: Is it a good idea to change the default WordPress admin username? The general consensus among cybersecurity experts has been that changing the default admin username in WordPress can contribute to enhancing security. The idea is to make it more challenging for attackers to guess usernames, as the default "admin" is often targeted in brute-force attacks. In this article, we'll tackle this issue explore whether renaming your admin username is a smart move for safeguarding your website.

How Do Hackers Find My WordPress Admin Username?

Hackers have smart ways to find admin usernames by exploiting vulnerabilities. One common trick is checking blog posts. If you use the default "admin" username and publish posts, hackers can easily spot it in the author details. This simple act of posting becomes a road map for them, revealing the admin username and giving them an easy way into the site.

Another method is the /wp-json/wp/v2/users JSON file. By adding this to the end of a website's domain, you get an unfiltered list of users. It's like a secret file that exposes user details, making the admin username a prime target. In this hidden archive, hackers can study usernames so they can perform brute force attacks. For website admins aiming to secure their sites, grasping these subtle hacker moves is crucial to effectively strengthen their WordPress defenses.

Should I Change My WordPress Admin Username?

Yes! We not only suggest changing your WordPress admin username, but we also advise implementing the following updates on your website. Prior to making these changes, it's essential to consult with an IT professional or web developer to ensure the integrity of your website remains intact and doesn't encounter any disruptions.

Create admin alias

Create an alias for your admin account that will be used in your blogs posts instead of the real admin user. Some familiarity with MySQL commands is necessary for this update.

Don't post with admin usernames

We don't recommend creating ANY posts under an admin user. Your site might have multiple admin users for various users. There are other user roles like editor, author, contributor that should be used for creating posts.

As hackers continuously refine their methods to obtain access to your username list, it's imperative to ensure you're protected from all potential threats. Installing robust brute force protection is a key measure to thwart unauthorized access. Among the recommended options, Limit Login Attempts Reloaded stands out as a comprehensive solution, offering a formidable array of features including a login firewall, malicious IP detection, country-based denial, and effective safelist/denylist management. This ensures that even if hackers manage to acquire your usernames, their login attempts are bound to fail, reinforcing the security of your system.

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Utilizing tools such as the WP Hardening plugin or Disable WP REST API can effectively address the vulnerability of hackers accessing your WordPress admin username list. For those with advanced skills, manual disabling is also an option. It's crucial to note that many web hosting providers rely on the REST API for their control panels, managing your site, offering support, and implementing updates. Disabling the REST API could result in the breakdown of these functionalities, leaving you without the support of your hosting provider. Exercise caution and evaluate the potential consequences before proceeding.


There is no foolproof method to permanently halting hackers from accessing your WordPress admin username or list of usernames. However, by making the updates outlined in this article, you can greatly increase their difficult. Consult an IT pro before altering settings to avert performance issues on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide my WordPress admin username from hackers?

Create admin alias by making updates in the MYSQL database. Also, don't post blogs with your admin usernames.

What happens if a hacker finds my WordPress admin usernames?

If the hacker finds your admin username, they will try to access your website by using brute force methods. This is why it's important to use login protection plugins such as limit login attempts reloaded.

Is it a good idea to change my WordPress admin username?

Yes, it's not only a good idea for enhanced security, but you should also consider creating an admin alias.

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